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Being A Minority in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

September 27, 2022 John AND Nico Season 2 Episode 3
Men Talk Too
Being A Minority in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)
Show Notes

Miranda Moussa is a Regulatory Project Manager within the Global Regulatory Affairs Europe Middle East Africa (GRA EMEA) Emerging Markets team of Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson). We were ecstatic to have a conversation with her about her experiences as working as a minority and a woman in a typically male dominated field, economic suicide and also about the AALC organisation and its purpose and many more.

In her role, Miranda is responsible for providing project leadership, as well as for coordinating assigned projects and process improvement initiatives across the GRA EMEA Emerging Markets.

Miranda has 11 years’ experience within the pharma, consumer, and medical devices sectors. Experience which started in the Emerging Markets departments of Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim. Before joining Johnson & Johnson in 2016, she worked for the European Commission in the Health Technology and Cosmetics Unit and for the European Association for Self-Medication Industry (AESGP), where she represented and conveyed the interest of pharmaceutical consumer companies to EU policymakers.

Most recently, Miranda represented Johnson & Johnson in the MedTech Europe’s software and digital health working group and successfully supported the implementation of the new European Medical Devices Regulation within the Medical Devices business of J&J, particularly within the Cardiovascular Specialty Solutions Group (CSS).

In 2020, Miranda co-established the Belgian Chapter of the Johnson & Johnson African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) which mission is to raise awareness on the challenges and opportunities of cultural diversity, connect with internal and external stakeholders, shape the Talent development and attract colleagues/persons of African Descent to ensure the proper representation of the African community within the company.

Miranda holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Rouen (France) and a Master’s degree in International Development and Registration of Medicine and Health Products from Paris-Saclay (France).

She resides in Brussels (Belgium) with her partner Loïc and their pug, Pumba. In her free time, she enjoys decorating and interior designing; as well as going on long walks with her family and friends.

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