Men Talk Too

Preserving Our Culture (with Dalilla Hermans)

August 30, 2022 John AND Nico Season 2 Episode 1
Men Talk Too
Preserving Our Culture (with Dalilla Hermans)
Show Notes

The much anticipated FIRST episode of the SECOND season is finally here!!!
With our first guest (Dalilla Hermans) having an interesting story about her upbringing, we decided to have an interesting and engaging conversation about culture and how important it is and what we can do to preserve it as African diaspora.

Dalilla Hermans (1986) is a journalist, author, playwright and podcast host. She’s published several books, writes columns for Flemish newspaper ‘De Standaard’, wrote and directed several plays for NTGent and since 2021 she hosts a podcast with a friend. Dalilla is married with three children. She lives in Bruges.

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